New Limpopo wonder: Eastern Scissortail Dragonfly

A new dragonfly has been documented in Hoedspruit, Limpopo. It was named Eastern Scissortail.

The Swadini Forever Resort started a programme earlier this year trying to involve the guests in the research of the ecosystem in and around the resort.

“Overall, our vision is to leave behind a wealth of knowledge, understanding and awareness for the unique Fauna and Flora in and around Swadini and the Blyde River Nature Reserve for future generations,” Nols van der Berg, the General Manager at Swadini, explained.

On May 20, Antoinette Snyman noticed an undocumented dragonfly and managed to photograph it.

“Dragonflies and Damselflies play a key role in both the terrestrial and aquatic habitats. They are predators, as both nymphs and adults feed on a variety of prey, including nuisance species such as mosquitos, ants and biting flies,” van der Berg stated. “Dragonflies’ are nature’s way of pest control – natural alternative.”

Apart from the newly documented Eastern Scissortail Dragonfly, the Swadini guests can also marvel at such unique dragonflies as Painted Sprite, Great Sprite, Lined Claspertail, and Spined Fairytail.

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