SA’s biggest burger to be created today in CT

Today, Annie’s Ladies bar in Stikland, Cape Town, is going to attempt and create the biggest burger in South Africa’s history. It is to weigh over 50kgs.

The record attempt coincides with the birthday celebrations of Annie who turned 60 earlier this week. The burger making festivities are to start at 4pm.

In order to grill a solid 50 kg burger patty, the pub staff had to order custom-made cooking utensils. They hope to take on an even bigger challenge afterwards by bidding to enter the Guinness Book of World records later this year.

Earlier this month, another mammoth burger was made in Mitchells Plain at the Grillfather. It weighed 19.6kgs, stood 30cm tall, and was 60cm in diameter.

If everything goes as planned, the monster burger made at Annie’s will be the biggest SA’s burger on record.

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