VIDEO: Quick-handed thief takes pistol from SAPS officer’s holster, forces cop to run in fear

It was one of the worst days for a Delft SAPS officer who got almost killed due to her carelessness. A bold and quick-handed thief has managed to take the policewoman’s pistol while standing with her in a queue at a local petrol station.

The incident that occurred just a few metres away from the Delft police department was caught on CCTV camera. The viral footage from it published on the Intelligence Bureau’s Facebook page has already been viewed more than 100, 000 times.

The video shows the female officer buying food and drinks for herself and her colleague. At some point, a shady customer appears on the scene. He approaches the officer from behind, quickly taking a handgun from her holster and pointing the muzzle at the face of the unaware woman.

In seconds, the frightened SAPS member can be seen fleeing as the thief exits calmly a few moments later.

Petrol garage in Delft opposite SAPS.

Posted by Intelligence Bureau SA on Tuesday, 23 July 2019

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