Cape teacher returns home after 4 months in Chinese jail

A Cape Town woman, who was detained due to working in China while on a student visa, has finally returned to South Africa.

According to the reports, 25-year-old Sasha Redman went to Asia to teach English under the auspices of a school in south China. However, the institution had failed to provide her with a proper working visa, which, in turn, resulted in the detention.

The specialist was sitting inside her cell without any contact with the outside world since the end of January. After a challenging trial that had taken four months, she was released and deported on June 12.

‘It felt amazing, probably one of the best feelings I’ve had in my entire life. We really take freedom for granted but when I got to board the plane, knowing I’m not going to look back… it was amazing,” Redman expressed her feelings after the court made its verdict.

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