VIDEO: KZN man drives his car into sea, walks away like nothing happened

The KZN Shelley Beach Monday’s gray has been coloured when a man drove his VW Golf into the ocean for a bet.

The eyewitnesses on Shelley Beach were left slightly confused after the unknown man had sped into the sea as part of a dare by a friend.

The man was caught on a CCTV camera while driving a green Golf at high speed into the ocean at the Shelley Beach ski-boat club.

“The man had attracted a large crowd around 1pm,” Brenda Johnson, a secretary at the ski-boat club, claimed. “He just drove straight into the ocean.”

Afterwards, he was seen walking off and fleeing the beach like nothing had happened.

The Shelley Beach ski-boat club Johnson called the paramedics, the police and a local tow-truck company to attend the scene of the spectacular show. The car was towed out of the ocean.

The police have not yet succeeded in identifying the man since no license plates were found on the car. The only thing that is known is that the man is from the Free State.

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