Phoenix home invader receives fatal bullet from property owner

The crime rate remains at a high level in Phoenix as another attempted house robbery has been registered in the area. However, this time, the perpetrator’s luck ran out and he was killed by the disgruntled resident of the building.

The incident occurred in the early hours of Tuesday when the owner was sleeping in the bedroom. The man was woken up by a strange noise coming from another room. He took his firearm willing to defend his property from any uninvited guests and managed to find a proper cover waiting for the criminals to come in.

“A shoot-out ensued and one suspect sustained gunshot wounds to the body. He was declared dead at the scene. An unlicensed revolver was found next to the body of the deceased suspect,” police spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala declared.

The Phoenix SAPS confirmed their members were investigating a case of robbery, attempted murder, and an inquest. The officials also stated the incident was related to the infamous syndicate that had recently intensified its activities within the city, ransacking the houses of valuable goods and killing regular citizens.

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