5 friends go partying in Melkbos, burn to death inside their car

Five young citizens from the small coastal town of Melkbosstrand have died inside their car after it collided with a construction vehicle.

After a week of hard work, the group of six fellow friends — three men and three women — decided to spend Saturday night partying and drinking.

They were on their way to another bar in town when the driver lost control of his Kia Picanto and ploughed it into a construction vehicle parked on the side of the road on Otto Du Plessis Drive in Table View.

One from the group managed to jump out before the crash, while his buddies were trapped inside. At that time, the car engine set alight.

“It was horrific! We could hear them screaming for help as the flames [overwhelmed] them, but nobody could get to them,” the survived victim told the local press.

The police opened a culpable homicide case and the detectives are attempting to determine the victims’ identities.

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