Quick-thinking salesman traps 2 robbers inside supermarket safe in Gauteng

The Gauteng police have commended the actions of the supermarket salesman who managed to lock two robbers behind the bulletproofed door of a walk-in safe at the Sky City Mall in Vereeniging.

The group of suspects entered the building on Sunday night, aiming to ransack it and make some easy money. Two of them had gotten into the safe and were loading the money when the shop employee appeared on the scene closing the safe doors.

Trapped inside, the criminals attempted to escape from a made-up ‘prison’ and even shot the lock with pistols but apparently were unsuccessful.

“Members of the K9, Flying Squad and local police officers surrounded the complex when they heard that the suspects were trapped inside the safe. They penetrated the premises and managed to arrest the suspects,” police spokesman Lungelo Dlamini said.

The criminals’ accomplices quickly fled the scene when they heard the gunshots and are now wanted by the law-enforcement services.

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