Arrests made after spate of armed robberies in Cape Town central

The Western Cape police have nabbed the suspects believed to be behind the series of recently occurred armed robberies.

Anonymous sources claim the arrested people held various ranks within a syndicate operating in Cape Town and, in particular, were responsible for the Mount Nelson Hotel robbery earlier this week.

According to police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk, five criminals, aged from 24 to 35, were apprehended after the officers had decided to check the number plates of suspiciously-looking cars parked just outside a shopping mall in the Claremont area on Wednesday.

As it turned out, the plates of a Toyota Avanza belonged to a stolen Toyota Conquest.

“On members’ arrival, the suspects sped off in their vehicles and the police gave chase. The Avanza was stopped and four suspects were arrested,” Van Wyk stated.

The last suspect, who had initially been driving another car, attempted to escape his pursuers on foot but was unsuccessful.

All of the arrested are expected to appear in court next Friday.

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