Durban man jailed for 10 months after fatally stabbing his friend at braai

The Durban Magistrate Court has sentenced a local man to 5 years behind bars after he stabbed his friend in the abdomen during braai in 2017.

Naresan Govender who was arrested in connection with Philendren Naidoo’s murder, will effectively spend only 10 months in jail and the rest of the time under correctional supervision. The 32-year-old man has been recently convicted of negligency causing the death of his friend.

While handing down the sentence, Magistrate NC Singh said only God could punish the people who had committed crimes during their lives on earth. She was certain that Govender would meet his creator one day.

Govender’s lawyers stated they would continue to battle for a softer sentence believing that another court would reach a fairer conclusion.

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