Guards attack Bonela man at Durban July, beat him black and blue

A serious misunderstanding on behalf of the security staff at the recent Vodacom Durban July has resulted in a case of assault.

29-year-old Shallen Singh received multiple injuries during a regular night at the event and left the place beaten bloody. The man had initially decided to accompany his friend to the races but was later involved in a clash between his buddy and a visitor, who had attempted to steal money from them.

“We had a few drinks and were enjoying the day’s activities. At around 7pm, a friend stood in the line to take a bet. He realised the person standing behind him had tried to steal his cellphone from his pants pocket and punched him,” Singh said to media.

The fight was intercepted by the security officers; however, they did not break up the clash and instead started punching the theft victim. When the man’s wife had tried to intervene, Singh claimed she was placed in a choke hold.

After the situation finally calmed, Singh left the scene — only to see the same guards several hours later. Without any explanation, they assaulted the citizen.

“There were so many of them. All I could do was break free and run for help. But they gave chase, caught me near an entrance gate and assaulted me. I kept telling them I did not do anything wrong but they continued to hit me in the face. I could taste the blood in my mouth. I tried to scream for help but nobody assisted.”

The resident had been admitted to hospital, where the medics stitched his eyebrow cut.

The law-enforcement services have been probing the matter and already opened an assault case.

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