Shocking child abuse case in Limpopo: woman held her 12yo daughter chained to chair

A disabled girl with her leg chained to a chair was held by her own mother locked in a room, the Limpopo police reported on Tuesday. The woman was arrested for child abuse and torture.

The Bela-Bela community people were concerned about the living conditions of the girl and eventually called the police to attend the house where the mother had kept her disabled daughter. The community members complained that “a child was not treated well by her own mother who often locked her alone inside their houseā€.

The police department had dispatched a unit to the reported house and when the officers arrived, they found the girl sitting on the floor of her room being chained to a chair.

The mother, 30, was transported to a temporary detention centre whereas the child services took the girl under an appropriate supervision.

Limpopo police arrested a mother, 30, on Tuesday July 16 2019 for child neglect after she allegedly chained her disabled daughter to a chair in a locked room in their Bela-Bela home.

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