CT bus driver shows reckless driving skills while transporting 42 learners

The Cape Town officers have arrested a taxi driver, who decided to neglect the traffic rules while driving an overloaded minibus full off local primary school learners.

According to traffic services spokesman Richard Coleman, the man was seen exceeding the speed limit, cutting in between the vehicles as well as overtaking on solid lines. He even tried to evade a vehicle checkpoint but was unsuccessful.

The minibus with 42 pupils on board was finally stopped on the corner of Symphony Way and Stellenbosch Arterial.

“This is a carbon copy of an incident just yesterday (on Monday), where another taxi driver was arrested for reckless and negligent driving on the N1, with 22 primary school learners in his vehicle. The driver had no license or permit and had four outstanding warrants to the value of R11,400,” Coleman added.

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