Alleged assassins unleash hail of bullets upon KwaDukuza family

A group of armed perpetrators have riddled a car with bullets, aiming to kill a KwaDukuza family.

It was a miracle that everybody survived in what is believed to be an attempted assassination that had occurred in the early hours of Tuesday morning. A man, his wife, and a child who had reportedly been inside the vehicle sustained only minor injuries, IPSS Medical Rescue spokesperson Paul Herbst stated.

“Luckily, they escaped with minor bullet wound grazes. He [the man] managed to drive to the KwaDukuza Municipality offices where they stopped outside the police station. We were called out,” the official added.

The preliminary investigation into the matter indicates that the elderly man from the family is a local IFP councilor, but the motives of the killers remain unknown.

The police officers are currently interviewing the witnesses in order to collect more information about the incident.

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