Experienced vets save life of critically injured Philippi man

Four members of the Animal Welfare Society (AWS) of South Africa have prevented the death of a man who was “bleeding to death” on one of the Philippi sidewalks.

According to the reports, AWS inspector Jaque le Roux saw the body covered in blood after 5pm on Wednesday and quickly alerted his colleagues Mark Levendal, Calvin Samuels, Fiona Barnard as well as his father to help him treat the patient while the ambulance was en route to the scene.

“Sadly, an hour and 15 minutes had gone by and there was still no ambulance, by which time the patient had suffered a few more seizures,” Levendal explained.

The team used all of their skills to stabilise the victim and managed to transport him to the Heideveld Day Hospital. While the man’s condition remains critical, his life is not in danger anymore. It is yet unknown where he received a deep cut and swelling on his head.

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