Rape suspect shoots dead police officer in Pretoria

During a police-initiated investigation, officer Ruben Dumisani Tshabalala was allegedly gunned down by a man suspected of having committed rape in Pretoria.

Tshabalala was an investigator in the police’s family violence, child protection and sexual offenses (FCS) investigations unit.

According to the police statement, Tshabala was on duty investigating the case of rape committed in the area when he presumably was assaulted by an unknown man on Monday night. He was killed in Soshanguve extension 6 at around 8:30pm.

“When police arrived at the scene, they found Tshabalala with a gunshot wound to his upper body, as well as another man with a gunshot wound to his chin,” national police spokesperson Brig Vishnu Naidoo confirmed on Thursday.

The officer along with the other wounded man was rushed to a nearby hospital but unfortunately died shortly after arrival. The other man is currently in hospital being guarded by the police. It is still unknown whether this man is responsible for the officer’s death or is somehow related to the rape case.

A multi-disciplinary team gathered by the police is to track down the suspect, national police commissioner Gen Khehla John Sitole advised today.

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