Racist attacks model in Pretoria casino, leaves her with broken leg

A group of unidentified white men attacked a black model in Pretoria after calling her the k-word and a monkey.

Fashion model Mirriam Ngomani was almost beaten to death during a regular visit to one of the local casinos.

Together with her fiancé Tobias Zehetleitner, the woman was standing in queue willing to cash out the winnings when an arrogant-looking customer in his 20s approached them.

“He said ‘what is wrong with you? You’re dating a monkey’,” Zehetleitner explained. The offensive and insulting comment was addressed towards Tobias’s partner.

The friends of the attacker had managed to pull him before the conflict deteriorated, however, the couple later met them just outside the Time Square casino in Menlyn. The group continued to say racist words (including the k-word) and started a fight, during which Ngomani received several severe injuries and even got her leg broken. Her fiancé was also beaten and sustained injuries to his head and face.

The police are now investigating the case, however, the perpetrators still walk free.

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