Long-dead man found under cliff in Durban

It has been too long since a 24-year-old man was shot and thrown off an 80m cliff at KwaNdengezi, west of Durban. The man had allegedly been abducted and then taken to Tafelkop where he was killed.

Search and rescue services recovered his decomposed body on Wednesday afternoon. In order to retrieve the body, a joint operation was conducted by Durban Search and Rescue, Durban Metro Police Search and Rescue and Life Response Emergency Medical Service.

“The body was recovered using an Aztec Rope Rescue hauling system. The body was handed over to members from KwaNdengezi police. A murder docket was opened,” the police officials claimed.

UPD. It is said that two suspects were apprehended in relation with the murder case. During the arrest, the police seized a firearm and a vehicle which had allegedly belonged to the victim.

The circumstances surrounding the death are yet to be clarified.

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