Vereeniging people burn alleged rapist to death

A man, who had allegedly raped a Vereeniging woman on Sunday night, was torched to death inside his house during a mob justice attack.

The angry crowd reportedly set alight two buildings after the rape victim had managed to escape and call for help. The suspected man was hiding inside one of the houses together with two of his accomplices when the people broke into the premises.

Two criminals instantly fled the scene, while the main perpetrator was no so fast and died in the fire.

“A group of about 10 to 13 men arrived at the house where the woman claimed to be have been raped at. They looked for the suspects and could not find them. The mob then proceeded to another house situated near the first house, where it was claimed that the three suspects were hiding,” police spokesperson Captain Fikile Funda stated.

The detectives are currently questioning one person allegedly linked to the arson. Rape and murder cases are being investigated.

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