2 constables among 5 vehicle thieves arrested in CT

Two policemen attached to Bellville department have been arrested by other officers as they were allegedly involved in a series of vehicle thefts.

According to the official statement, the duo together with three additional civilians were breaking into houses while using official police cars with cloned number plates in order to avoid any attention from the citizens.

The whole group was apprehended during an operation, which started after Bellville detectives had noticed two suspicious vehicles, — a VW Caddy and a marked police Opel Corsa.

“Both vehicles were held under observation and followed until they stopped at a residence in De Grendel Avenue, Parow North,” police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut explained.

“At this stage, the occupants became aware of the police presence and fled the area. They were pursued and with the assistance of police backup, both vehicles were forced to stop.”

The investigation of the case is now under way. The alleged thieves will attend their first court hearing on Monday, Traut added.

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