Security guard bites mugger’s nose off at FS church following attempted robbery

A manhunt has been launched by FS police following a brazen QwaQwa church robbery in which a security guard bit off the tip of the suspect’s nose. It happened during the scuffle that broke out after the security guard had spotted the suspicious activity.

There were two suspects attempting to rob the place of worship in the early hours of Saturday morning. The security guard reacted swiftly and the suspects started a fight with him. It all ended with one of the robbers detained and the other left with a part of his nose bitten off. He managed to flee the scene.

The church decided to hire the security worker after a series of thefts that had been committed during the past few weeks. The church is said to have been robbed of some microphones and sound equipment.

“We are in contact with local health facilities, hoping that the suspect would seek medical help for his injury, as was the case last week when an alleged rapist was nabbed at a hospital where he sought treatment for a bloodied mouth,” spokesperson Sergeant Mmako Mophiring said.

He added that the arrested rapist had allegedly broke into a single mother’s home in Makwane in the early hours of the morning. He raped the woman as well as two of her children, aged 1 and 5. During the ordeal, she managed to bite his lower lip.

“He was in pain and bled profusely. He went to a local hospital for assistance an hour after the attack, and although he gave a false name and details, he was arrested on three counts of rape.”

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