Horoscope for June 26

June 26 will be marked by the strong influence of the Moon and Jupiter.

This influence will bring luck and inspiration.

However, there is a threat as well. Low energy in the middle of the week may cause lots of problems and misunderstandings.

This Wednesday also is not the best day for new acquaintances.


Thursday is the luckiest day of the week for the Aries if they choose their behavior right. They should analyse the situation and keep to the chosen tactics.

However, in this condition every single thing may unbalance them.   


No serious doings and no new projects for Taurus! The atmosphere does not have enough stability for business. However, unexpected luck may hit you from behind.

Some of the plans may be ruined.


Gemini should not lose faith in the future despite any disappointments that occur to them. They should dedicate the time to their creative ideas and not react too quickly to everything that happens or they will simply burn out.


Cancer should protect their interests even if they are afraid of it. Something very important down the road depends on their ability to do it. And during this, they may find great allies.


Prudence and luck: these are the words for the day for Leos. Despite the luck, they should be careful and not let the stars decide their fate. It is better to be safe than sorry.


Virgos will have a chance to show their courage and enthusiasm. But new adventures may push them away from the main goals.

Or they should simply dedicate the time to themselves and relax for a while.


Libras should find their balance and properly react to those who love them and care about them. If someone ignores them – they should ignore back.  If someone loves them – they should love back.


Lots of stuff and dangers for Scorpios in the middle of the week. But the sacred goal is near and the road will make sure they are ready for receiving it.


Duality – the word of the day for Saggitarius. Lots of problems will come together with the positivity if they manage to get through the negativities of the day.


Capricorns should not rely on pure luck and keep everything under their control. It is better for them to keep depending on their abilities.


No trips or meetings for Aquarius. They risk to be late, to miss the meeting or a flight. They should see the situation and be realistic about the world.


Pisces may ruin their staff, lose the money on unnecessary buys, and receive some unwanted information that will be able to ruin their day.

It is better for them to go with the flow catching the luck here and there.

*article prepared for entertainment purposes

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