Raw sewage flows through Shallcross family’s yard, authorities do nothing

Inaction of authorities and ageing of infrastructure made a Shallcross family suffer from sewerage system failure and leakage of the sewer line. They have been complaining of raw sewage that persistently flows on their property, after a municipal pipe burst.

“I’m exhausted by all means to gain the attention of the eThekwini water and sanitation department,” Pastor Bobby Moodley said.

“I’ve had to fix the damage by applying bricks to the point of the leak. I’ve been calling everybody relevant to this matter, and I haven’t received a response,” he said.

Despite a serious danger that this malfunction poses to residents’ health the authorities probably just ignore the problem turning a blind eye to the matter.

“My son become sick due to the smell. He started complaining of headaches when he came home from work, followed by constant vomiting,” Moodley said.

It is understood that City Council was informed about this case which was ongoing from five years ago and “has referred the issue to the relevant parties”.

The residents have already received many excuses and were told that the municipal services would try their best to assist all residents complaining of sewage leaks. The burst will be eliminated as soon as possible, said Mayisela.

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