Kimberley homeowners scared after series of robberies committed by gang of female burglars

A group of alleged robbers have been hunting for the homeowners selling their homes in Kimberley. In order to break into the homes of their victims and to get their hands on the jewellery and electronic equipment, the criminals pose themselves as real estate buyers.

According to the statement of Herlear resident, who is selling his house, he was visited by a group of well-dressed and well-groomed people traveling in a silver BMW 6 series on Wednesday.

“I was on the phone and I saw this car stopping. The driver hooted. We had just signed an offer to purchase the night before so I thought it was the wife, with some friends, who was coming to look,” he said.

The resident walked ahead of the women and they went into the flat on the premises.

“The one woman asked about the gas geyser and how it worked. She seemed very interested, so I explained. Every time I wanted to move, she would ask another question and kept me busy.”

He only realised afterwards that while he was explaining and answering questions, the other two women were rummaging through the contents of the flat.

“They must have gone around the side and handed the stolen items over the wall to the person sitting in the car.”

Upon returning to the house, the man realised that several items had been stolen.

“Two laptops and two rings were stolen from the outside flat, while the jewellery, including a watch and all the items in my wife’s drawer, were gone.”

The same group of artful burglars managed to rob several other houses in the area.

Kimberley authorities along with the estate agents have warned the potential sellers urging them not to allow anyone in their house unless they are accompanied by an agent. The residents were also recommended to be vigilant and avoid letting strangers into their homes without being sure of their intentions.

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