Alexandra Total Shutdown: alive and kicking

For the third time since March, the residents of Alexandra started to block the roads in the township with burning tyres and rocks. The protest started late on Tuesday, carried on through the night and is expected to intensify over the course of the day.

The community members remain dissatisfied with the housing and overcrowding situation in the settlement.

“That is why we’re responding to say enough is enough. To all the spears of government, we need service delivery, we need everything to be done because we’re tired,” Thandiwe Mthombeni, one of the leaders of the shutdown movement, stated.

The illegal shacks recently demolished by the Jukskei River are to be rebuild, according to the City of Johannesburg’s statement. This decision is believed to have sparked the new protest.

The residents claimed they had been left with no choice but to take to the streets since their demands had been ignored by the government. The protesters plan to march to the city’s regional offices in Sandton later on today.

With some roads already blocked, several taxi services operating near Alexandra have been disrupted or cancelled entirely.

In the meantime, many SAPS officers have been deployed to Alexandra to prevent any violence.

“A huge contingent law enforcement officers are busy monitoring all of the roads, both inside and on the boundaries of Alexandra. Two groups of protestors attempted to burn tyres of 8th Avenue and on Marlboro Drive but those groups were dispersed quickly and the flow of public transport is normal,” JMPD’s Wayne Minnaar advised.

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