2 Zimbabwean poachers die crashing their car into goat

A car accident took the lives of two alleged rhino poachers at Bubye Valley Conservancy, on the outskirts of Beitbridge. Suspects are said to have crashed their vehicle into a goat while attempting to escape detention and died after their car overturned.

Four poachers were being pursued by the game rangers in Zimbabwe on the northern border with SA on Wednesday last week. The deceased men, identified as Godfrey Makechemu and Charles Runye, and their accomplices supposedly were the members of a poaching gang trying to hunt rhino at the wildlife sanctuary. Two of them named James Mauto, 41, and Celestino Shate, 35, have been arrested.

Two have already faced trial at Beitbridge resident magistrate court being charged with unlawful hunting of a specially protected animal in violation of the Parks and Wildlife Act. The Magistrate Court has postponed the case until June 28.

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