Joburg Zoo defends relocation of two elephants

With two elephants joining lonely Lammie at the Johannesburg Zoo, the National Council of SPCA is not so happy about the move. The organization claims the captive environment is ‘detrimental’ to the elephant’s well-being.

“In spite of our legal communications to the Johannesburg Zoo, and enquiries with the permitting official, Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (GDARD), two elephants were relocated to the Johannesburg Zoo on 12 June 2019,” their statement read.

However, Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo spokesperson Jenny Moodley confirms that the relocation has complied with all the necessary requirements. She also stated that the NSPCA were notified about the move in advance.

“We were working together with the NSPCA and they decided to withdraw from the partnership when we made them aware of our intention to bring two more elephants into the facility,” Moodley advised.

Since the new elephants are not coming from the wild, they are ready for a captive environment.

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