Suspended sentence for PE man who threw his child off shack roof

A hearing in the case of a 38-year-old father from Port Elizabeth accused of teaching his one-year-old baby to fly during a protest was postponed since April 2018. Only yesterday, the New Brighton Magistrates’ Court held a trial and convicted the man of child abuse.

It is reported that the father whose name remains unrevealed pleaded guilty to child abuse after the state dropped the charges of attempted murder. He was fined R5,000 or sentenced to one year in jail, suspended for five years.

The police arrested the man during the protest in the Joe Slovo informal settlement in April 2018. The local residents took to the streets when the municipal authorities decided to tear down all the illegal structures in the area.

According to the police officers’ reports, the father climbed on top of his shack in an attempt to prevent the structure from being destroyed, threatening to throw his child off the roof. One of the officers was trying to convince the man not to fling the baby but failed. Fortunately, the child was caught by the officers standing below the shack wall.

The baby was handed back to her 35-year-old mother and the social services were asked to provide reports.

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