EC shack fire claims lives of 2 innocent children

Eastern Cape police department announced a case of shack fire after two boys had been severely burnt at home on Monday evening at the Khabakazi Locality, Tafalofefe Village, Centane, Eastern Cape.

The fire allegedly erupted shortly after the mother of two children, aged seven and twelve, went out for a “walk” at around 10pm.

According to police spokesperson Captain Jackson Manatha, the mother was told that her house was on fire only in the early hours of Tuesday.

An ambulance crew took the boys to Tafalofefe hospital but the seven-year-old died from his wounds on the way. The eldest passed away on Wednesday.

“The cause of the fire is not known as Centane police are still investigating. It is also not clear at this point if the boys were brothers as an investigation is still underway. Police are also investigating why the boys were left alone in the shack,” Manatha stated.

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