Serial killer operates in KZN: female bodies with missing parts found in Nongoma

The residents of Nongoma in KwaZulu-Natal urge the police to find the perpetrator responsible for the latest muthi killings in the area. Several mutilated female bodies have been found.

As it was reported ealier, a 15-year-old girl had been found beheaded. Her body with missing breasts and arms was dumped in the veld.

Another case involved a 22-year-old woman, Nonzuzo Mkhabela, who disappeared while gathering fire wood in Ehlathini Elidumayo village. The residents, including local induna Mzameleni Buthelezi, were looking for her but in vain.

“We began the frantic search for her after the girls who were with her said she had disappeared in the bush. We came across a headscarf she had been wearing. It was left next to the fire wood she had already collected,” Buthelezi told.

Her body was later found without any signs of life.

“About three young women went missing this year and they have not been found. Nonzuzo is the fourth victim. Besides this, about four bodies were discovered with body parts [missing] sometime this year,” Buthelezi disclosed.

According to KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson Col Nqobile Gwala, cases of kidnapping, murder and missing body parts have been opened

“An arrest connected to one murder has been made and we hope it will help us to solve other killings,” she added.

The mayor of Nongoma local municipality Albert Mncwango expressed his fear that a criminal syndicate was, in fact, to blame for all these muthi murders.

“Just recently, the body of a woman was found dumped near a river,” Mncwango stated.

The victim, Makhosazane Mnisi, went missing with her one-year-old daughter when they went to get some water from a nearby river and never came back. The girl has not been found yet.

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