Nichume takes her own life jumping off building

Nichume, an accomplished musician and a qualified ophthalmologist, also known for her feature on Mobi Dixon’s track Bhutiza, committed suicide on Thursday.

She took away her own life by throwing herself from a building in Joburg. Nichume was found by her friend last night following the alleged suicide.

Record label Top Chap Media confirmed the singer’s death saying that she had died from the injuries sustained as a result of her fall.

The motive is yet to be found out as her relatives, friends, and colleagues have yet to comment on her death.

“Nichume reached the heights of her fame when she lent her voice to Mobi Dixon’s hit “Bhutiza”. She featured on singles “Daydreaming” by Fistaz Mixwell and Mobi Dixon, as well as “Far Away” by DJ Anda featuring Mobi Dixon.”

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