Pretoria police nabbed 20 accused of drug-related offences

Pretoria police department carried out a drug-combating operation during which more than 20 people were detained on a range of separate charges at different spots around Pretoria central on Wednesday and Thursday. The arrests took place as part of a joint operation held by the South African Police Service (SAPS) in order to strengthen the measures against drug abuse and peddling.

Marabastad, Brown Street and Dr Savage Street were raided by drug-combating squads.

As Captain Augustinah Selepe stated, in a two-day concerted effort to fight the scourge of drugs in Pretoria Central, the members of the SAPS Pretoria Central Crime Prevention Unit were out in full force to create a crime-free city centre and prevent crime.

She said the 21 suspects were aged between 22 and 35, all of them were arrested for possession of drugs.

The detainees were charged with a number of crimes, including robberies, pick-pocketing and theft out of motor vehicles.

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