Breipaal missing girl found dead with her throat slit

A 16-year-old girl, Jolandre Tolli, Grade 11 pupil at Weslaan High School, who had gone missing last week in Breipaal, Douglas, was found dead in the veld on Thursday. The police say her body was half-naked and revealed marks of violence. Her carotid artery was severed and there were a lot of bruises on her body.

Two locals discovered the girl’s body while collecting wood in the area at about 7am. Tolli’s throat had been slit and she was apparently found “covered in blood”, the police officials said.

The suspected killers dumped her body just a hundred metres away from her mother’s home in Breipaal.

The mother of the murdered girl, Lisa Tolli, said she was completely devastated by the tragedy as she had already lost her second daughter under similar circumstances earlier this year.

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