Umhlanga window cleaner on verge of death

A footage from a terrifying scene shows a window cleaner fighting for his life on one of the country’s highest skyscrapers in the plush seaside town of Umhlanga on Wednesday.

On the video, the man can be seen battling to hold on up to the building after his safety rope had broken free while he was cleaning the windows of the luxurious Pearls of Umhlanga high-rise property. He was swinging for at least ten minutes desperately trying to grab any part of the building, the eyewitnesses said.

“It was clear that he was trying to move himself. He was kicking himself off the building. He got more momentum and was trying to grab on to the windows. He did that for about five minutes‚ trying to grab on anything‚” eThekwini council Nicole Graham explained.

After the epic battle, the industrial alpinist finally manages to grab onto something and climb onto a balcony.

The people off camera are heard clapping and cheering.

Those on the ground did not know if the man was really in trouble or if it was “just another day on the job” for him.

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