Police nabbed two robbery suspects who hunted for pedestrians in Sunnyside

Tshwane police apprehended two men accused of having committed assaults on women in Sunnyside. They are expected to stay in custody while the police are looking for the other victims. The Pretoria Magistrates’ Court was asked by the police to suspend the proceedings in their case until all the robbed and assaulted people were found.

The female pedestrians are said to be the main victims of the suspected robbers. They were hunting for them along Nelson Mandela Drive – the boundary between Pretoria Central and Sunnyside.

It is supposed that the detainees have been involved in three counts of the street robberies during the month of May. The victims were robbed of handbags and cellphones worth a total of approximately R32,000.

According to police spokesperson Captain Daniel Mavimbela, the arrested men are expected to appear in court on June 6.

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