Witbank woman allegedly kidnapped, raped and dumped on roadside

Witbank police say a local woman was grabbed off the street, dragged into a house, held captive for a few hours, repeatedly raped and in the end dumped for dead last Sunday afternoon.

A concerned bystander called South African Community Crime Watch (SACCW) Operations Coordinator Maureen Scheepers and reported about the woman with signs of violence and torture lying on a roadside near the new Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) houses in Witbank.

The victim was lying at the same place when the police and ER24 ambulance arrived at the scene.

“She was inconsolable, but that she didn’t want to get up from where she was lying amongst the dust, shrubs, and grass,” the bystander claimed.

Upon arrival, the police cordoned off the area where the woman had been found in order to allow the paramedics to perform all the medical procedures the woman needed. Right now she is in stable condition receiving psychological assistance.

The suspect’s identity is unknown at this stage, as well as the details of the assault.

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