Manyeding pupil gets 12 years behind bars after stabbing his teacher to death

The Khathu High Court has sentenced a 17-year-old learner from one of the local schools to 12 years’ imprisonment after he stabbed his teacher to death in January last year.

The police say the boy from Manyeding Village broke into the teacher’s house during nighttime after he failed grade 7. He entered the building through a window, speedily found the room needed and killed the unsuspecting specialist with a knife.

The vicious attack provoked a public outcry and did not leave anyone indifferent, including the high-profile education authorities.

After over a year of trial, the court made its decision. It has already been welcomed by the law-enforcement services.

“When giving judgement, the judge emphasised that this sentence will send a strong message to other young people that once you commit crime you will be punished and account for your crimes,”

police spokesperson WO Mosimaneotsile Letsapa said.

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