Man disguised as security guard shot peddler in Joburg CBD

Bree taxi rank was frightened by the gunfire that erupted on Sunday. A peddler who worked at the taxi rank was shot in his face by an alleged security guard who later turned out to be an unknown man wearing security company’s uniform and disguising himself as one of the company’s workers. The victim is fighting for his life in a local hospital.

“It was not clear what led to the shooting on Sunday. I can confirm that a one male hawker was shot in the face by a man alleging to be an officer from a private security company,” Johannesburg Central police spokesperson Captain Xoli Mbeli said.

Johannesburg police are said to have opened a case of assault and attempted murder and started a search for the suspect.

The eyewitnesses of the incident say the gunman claimed he was “protected by the Johannesburg Metro Police Department” (JMPD). However, the JMPD have disapproved any relations between the law enforcement agency and the shooter.

“They do not work for the JMPD and if anyone sees a JMPD officer working with any of these so-called security guards, must report this to us immediately,” Minnaar said.

Any person who witnessed the incident is asked to approach the police officials with the information about the shooting to help in the police investigations.

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