FS elderly man takes his own life being accused of having repeatedly raped his granddaughter

Ventersburg elderly man decided to end his life hanging himself after his family members discovered the fact that he had repeatedly raped his own granddaughter during the few months in 2018 and promised to report him to police. Free State police released the information about that horrible case on Monday.

“These secret deeds were revealed during the family meeting after the grandfather verbally attacked the victim,” the statement said.

The 14-year-old girl was being raped by her own grandfather many times during the period between January and June last year. But the fact of the crime became known only after the poor girl got pregnant, the family’s statement said. The girl was forced to have an abortion.

The grandfather left his home after he had been told the police would investigate the matter. His dead body was discovered hanging from a tree a day after he went missing.

The police have opened an inquest docket into the matter.

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