37 confirmed dead, hundreds missing after boat sank in DRC Lake

A fatal accident occurred on Lake Mai-Ndombe in the Democratic Republic of Congo, it has claimed the lives of more than 30 local citizens.

An overloaded boat with over 400 people on it reportedly overturned and sank while traveling through the lake, according to Cosmos Mbo Wemba, mayor of Inongo – the capital of Mai-Ndombe province.

As recently reported, 37 bodies have been recovered from the water so far, over 200 passengers are feared missing while 185 managed to survive and were successfully rescued by the local emergency services.

In the previous statement, the mayor claimed the toll rose to 30 people.

“We have recovered 30 bodies: 12 women, 11 children and 7 men,”

Wemba said to mass media.

The lack of life jackets and other safety equipment has already claimed numerous lives of local people, who decided to use water transport in order to reach their destination. Boat accidents are considered to be a frequent occurrence in DRC, with mishaps typically caused by the overloading of passengers and cargo on the dilapidated vessels.

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