Nightclub brawl leaves 9 kids without father

A father of nine was fatally stabbed by an unknown suspect during a nightclub brawl in the early hours of last Saturday.

Benjamin Joseph, a 45-year-old businessman from Pietermaritzburg, succumbed to a gash in his chest which he received during an argument with one of the guests.

According to the reports, the victim accidentally bumped into a woman while dancing on the stage and was later met by her angry boyfriend, who pushed his finger in Joseph’s face.

The victim’s sister, Mona Munisamy, who was with him during the incident, stated that the conflict later subsided.

“I even approached the woman to find out what had happened and she said there was no problem,” she claimed. “I thought everything was settled and then, as the man was walking out of the club, he said something to our relative, who then followed him outside. When we saw this, we also followed.”

Outside the nightclub, a battle began, during which Benjamin received his injury. He later died in one of the local hospitals.

The acting spokesperson for Mountain Rise SAPS, chief administration clerk Sean Singh added that two suspects had been charged with murder and appeared in the Pietermaritzburg Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

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