Ballito residents were frightened by water “anomaly” in Grannies Pool

Ballito authorities calmed down the alarming situation around Grannies Pool caused by the water that had turned red on Thursday morning. The locals assumed it had been poisoned with some unknown chemical.

“The chemical which was non-toxic and biodegradable was used by a local contractor who was performing a flood test at a residential apartment located off the Ballito promenade,” Ballito UIP operational manager, Dieter Fittkau, announced.

KDM’s head lifeguard Bongani Xulu confirmed that the responsibility to dispose of chemicals in the appropriate way was ordered by law to all companies.

All citizens must be informed that “it is illegal to discharge any substances into the municipality’s storm-water system”. Ocean’s ecosystem may be affected by the pollution after the individuals or companies dispose of any low or high toxic substances through the central sewage system. In the long run, it would lead to deterioration of drinking water quality to an unacceptably low level.

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