2 alleged thieves under arrest after stealing cattle worth R300k

North West police officers have arrested two accused of cattle stealing after a farm near Biesiesvlei lost one of its flocks.

On Monday, Adriaan Human, 51, and George Ketshabang, 51, allegedly committed theft of 25 cattle, which they further transported to a nearby estate.

“It was at the farm that workers became suspicious and alerted the police who responded swiftly to the tip-off,” police spokesperson Captain Aafje Botma explained.

According to her, all allegedly stolen cattle were valued at R300,000.

The perpetrators had managed to flee the scene, but four days after the incident, the law-enforcement services caught them while they were loading a truck with the animals. The cattle were later handed back to its lawful owner, Botma added.

Human and Ketshabang are expected to appear in the Biesiesvlei Periodical Court on Friday.

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