14 people severely injured as wooden deck collapsed in Mopani camp KNP

Kruger National Park authorities are looking for the cause of the wooden deck collapse by the pub that seriously injured fourteen people in the Mopani rest camp.

SANParks spokesperson Janine Raftopoulos confirmed that the accident happened on Thursday morning.

“Wooden deck next to pub collapsed causing 14 people to fall down. Seven young people were transported to hospitals,” Maponya 911 paramedic Jaco Gericke posted on his Facebook page.

It is believed that a part of the wood of the deck has been worn and, sadly, the deck gave in when the young trainee rangers were standing on it. The Kruger National Park’s infrastructure of that area requires to be restored and refurbished. The sad thing is that such problems are brought to the attention of the authorities only after such accidents.

Mopanie Camp Kruger National Park- 23 May 2019Wooden deck next to Pub collapsed causing 14 people to fall down.7…

Posted by Jaco Gericke on Thursday, 23 May 2019
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  1. Viv Lawrence 4 months ago

    Estelle you are NOT wrong! All camps in the KNP are falling apart. No maintenance is done. Only new is being built and squashed into the KNP. Taps leak, fridges and stoves don’t work. Air-conditioners are bust. The grounds and gardens, especially Pretoriouskop Camp are in a shabby and sad state of affairs. The grounds at Satara look tired and tatty. Everything is tatty, old and not maintained. Why keep building new and not fixing the old! How sad. Get well wishes to all who suffered.

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