Shocking murder: young woman with her throat slit, breasts cut off was burnt

The police in Welkom is on high alert after an unidentified woman with her throat slit and breasts cut off was found burnt beyond recognition in Dagbreek on Wednesday. The Free State police have declared the alleged killer wanted for torture and premeditated brutal murder.

“The burnt body of this unknown woman was discovered by a passer-by on the 19 May 2019 at around 08:42 in that area,” police spokesperson Constable Kethabile Mofokeng stated.

It has been reported that the woman’s body was found with a knife still stuck in her neck. Her lower body and face were burnt, and her breasts cut off.

No possible motive for such a brutal murder is known and the police have made no arrests so far.

“The deceased was wearing a pink stripe track pants. The Police are appealing to anyone with positive information to please contact Detective Sergeant Tsie Matlokotsi of Welkom Detective Services at telephone number 057 391 6240 during office hours or 078 7585 658,” Mofokeng concluded.

  1. Christo janse van Rensburg 1 year ago

    Time to bring back the death penalty like in Botswana, where there is hardly any crime. And chance the laws. Criminals should not have any rights. Its his free choice to do crime ir not.The fire arms law should be chanced too. It is to harch on the innovent user of a firearm when protecting his family and propperty.

    • Lettie Kriel 1 year ago

      It is shocking that these brutal murders are committed and no word from the President of South Africa. Bring back the death penalty and stop these savages

    • Izak 1 year ago

      In the light of the looming race war isn SA, I suggest that you start mentioning the race of the victims and the race of the attackers.

      This information is eesential for research purposes

  2. Elizabeth kupke 1 year ago

    Death penalty will “kill” 1/3 of black population, government can’t take that risk!

  3. Thys 1 year ago

    Bring back the death penalty

  4. Nolan 1 year ago

    Bring back the death penalty. Why do you think I moved to Saudi Arabia. Murderers, rapists and drug dealers are publicly beheaded. Alcohol is Illegal, drugs is illegal, strikes, protesta are illegal. Anyone caught for public violence, vandalism, acts of terrorism, treason, lawlessness, anarchy well be arrested and jailed of publicly beheaded.

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