Nigerian gang killed at least 18 people in Katsina’s state

An armed gang have murdered at least 18 people in the north-west Nigerian state of Katsina.

The perpetrators attacked several farms at the village of Yar Gamji. They have killed 18 farmers.

According to the police, the criminals escaped into a forest.

“Right now we are at the Emir’s palace for the mass burial of our relatives, but more than 18 people were killed in this attack,” the brother of one of the deceased said.

He also stated there was no peace in the area as every day innocent people died in the attacks on the villagers.

Several hundreds of people were reported to have been killed in the region this year.

In addition to the death toll, the number of kidnapping and robbery incidents has increased as well.

The instability in the country is posing a threat as it struggles to contain Islamist insurgencies in the northeast, pastoral conflict in the central states and militant groups in the Niger Delta.

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