Black mamba claims life of CT Labour Court Judge

A single bite from a highly-venomous black mamba snake has claimed the life of Cape Town Labour Court Judge Anton Steenkamp.

The 57-year-old man was spending time touring across Zambia with his wife Catherine when a dangerous reptile sneaked up and bit him. The judge was rushed to hospital but the venom was spreading through his body too fast to be stopped.

Steenkamp succumbed to the received wound in less than 20 minutes.

The profound tragedy was mourned in both South Africa and Zambia. The Judge President of the Labour and Labour Appeal Court, Judge Basheer Waglay said that the deceased was one of the few residents he knew who had so much love for his country.

“He will be remembered for his independence, integrity and significant contribution to labour law jurisprudence in South Africa as a practitioner, scholar and judge,” Waglay stated.

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