Yeoville resident’s murder resulted in protests

Yeoville protest broke out after the locals had witnessed a murder committed by Johannesburg police officer on Tuesday. A man, Sazi Ngubane, aged 32, was shot and killed while visiting the spot where his brother had died on Monday in another incident.

“Ngubane visited the spot to fetch his brother’s spirit. He fired the shots in the air as per tradition and then got into the car,” one of the witnesses stated.

Ngubane was leaving the scene when the police patrol, that arrived after the shots had been fired, spotted Ngubane and ordered him to step out of the vehicle. He followed the order and got out of the car. Then, for some reason, the police officer allegedly opened fire at him. The wounds he sustained were too severe and he died on the scene.

As a consequence, the outraged residents started gathering in groups and marching to the police station demanding the dismissal of the officer.

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