Joburg police arrest members of so-called “battery gang”

Five criminals from a so-called “battery gang”, aged from 20 to 43, have been detained by the police officers in Johannesburg.

It is alleged that the group committed a robbery at the tower in Midrand on Thursday, stealing a large number of back-up batteries.

The law-enforcement services, including the local police, the Ekurhuleni Tactical Task Team and Bidvest Coin Security, organised a joint operation to trace the perpetrators. They managed to finally catch them in a house in Rosettenville.

The building apparently was full of stolen goods and the squads easily found the missing 65 batteries worth R900,000.

“Police regard this arrest as a breakthrough given the recent increase in the number of network towers being broken into and back-up batteries being stolen in Gauteng,” police spokesperson, Captain Mavela Masondo, stated.

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