Animal cruelty: politician and his bodyguard shot down innocent dog

An animal cruelty case was reported in Mthonjaneni after two men killed a tethered dog on a pathway in a rural area in KZN. The Melmoth Magistrates’ Court found two suspects guilty of animal cruelty. One of them is a famous KwaZulu-Natal politician, Phumlani Ntombela, another is his bodyguard. The court hearing was held on May 14.

The incident came to the attention of NSPCA five days after the dog was shot.

The National Council of SPCA’s (NSPCA) said on Friday they had investigated the case and then accused Mthonjaneni deputy mayor Ntombela and his bodyguards, Bongani Shabalala and Halalisani Biyela, of being unnecessarily cruel to the animal after a footage of the incident surfaced on social media in November 2017.

The dog, writhing and crying in agony, was shot several times with a rifle in front of children.

It is known that the politician fired at least four gunshots at the tethered dog. When the dog finally died a young boy walked up to the animal and‚ using a knife‚ cut off its leash.

Ntombela was found guilty and sentenced to a fine of R4,000 or six months’ imprisonment, half of which was suspended for five years. His bodyguard was found guilty and sentenced to a fine of R2,000 or six months’ imprisonment, which was suspended for five years.

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  1. Corinne Young 3 months ago

    Hardly a punishment for such a cruel act😠💔

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